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Let us help you. In 3 simple steps and within less than a minute!

Reliable mobile network coverage is a pain for millions in the UK. We are here to help fix that.

Using our platform, you can report the actual coverage you get as well as specific issues and we will follow it up with the operators for you.

3 Simple Steps

In less than 1 minute, you can report the actual coverage you are getting and see how that compares to Ofcom’s official data.

1- Tell us where you are and which network you use.

Simply enter your postcode or address and select your network service provider.

2- See expected coverage. As reported by Ofcom and the networks.

In real time, we check the expected coverage that is reported by Ofcom for your area.

3- Tell us the reality

Give us a simple rating of your actual experience and tell us about what’s really going on in your area.


“I recently moved from Vodafone to EE and regret doing it. My calls keep dropping and can’t seem to get anything better than 3G. Sometimes nothing at all.”
Linda R. RG2 XXX

Mobile Operators Generate 75% of

Their Traffic from Indoor

Our phones have become more essential than ever. An average user checks their phone 96 times each day. But what about the quality of connectivity? 

Please use this form to check the signal quality claimed by your operator and submit what you actually experience…

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