You complain, we follow up!

Reliable mobile network coverage is a pain for millions in the UK. We are here to help fix that by utilizing crowd sourced big data and decades of Telecoms and IT experience.

Our goal is to help consumers all around the UK with a common frustration – Bad Mobile Signal.

Large numbers of people get a bad service on a daily basis or a limited set of network choices despite huge efforts by all the parties including the government, network operators and Ofcom.

We believe every solution starts with a well-defined and quantified problem. Data is key. In this case, lot’s of it is needed to re-design radio networks.

We enable you to report the actual coverage you get, compare that to the signal quality in Ofcom’s database and finally we follow it up with the operators for you.

A clear set of complaints means the operators focus on real customer issues and areas with problems.


How It Works – 3 Simple Steps

1 – Report Your Coverage – Takes Less Than 1 Minute

All we need is your post code, mobile network and the level of signal quality you normally get.

2 – See Ofcom’s Expected Coverage in Your Post Code

In real time we will show you the signal level quality as reported by Ofcom for your post code so that you can see how that compares to the reality.

3- We Follow Up!

We follow up your complaints with the network operators and keep you posted. We do this in batches and may not get an immediate response. If the network operators are unresponsive we will do our best to escalate it with Ofcom and local authorities. 

If you sign-up to our portal you can always come back to see the status of your complaints.